16 December 2015- Halfway to the stage

More than two months have passed since the start of the new DT lineup and we are happy to inform you that we have already finished half set list of the special evening we are preparing for 2016!

With a robust arsenal, four new songs from Nigdelis/Lagonikas as well as the rich past of the two founding members to enrich the set list, a festive night out for all unrepentant fans of the sublime heritage of the 70's ....

Happy Holidays and keep on rockin'!

07 October 2015- Working the “Great Experiment”

“...Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel spin...”. Truth well told by Blood,Sweat & Tears, and those West Coast jazz-rockers always were our heroes!
After months of fruitful collaboration with our good friend and companion Theodore Gourlomatis who fundamentally contributed to the setting of the new course of the band, a new page to the conquest of the stage starts today.

Sotiris Lagonikas gets up from his drum stool to grab the microphone as a singer & songwriter on the band's debut album “Wander Thirst” and at the same time we welcome behind the drums Mr. Vangelis Meimetis, an old friend and collaborator of our guitarist John Nigdelis!

Stay tuned for the first results of the new effort.

Theodore, please accept our sincere, heartfelt thank you for your very valuable contribution. We would be more than happy to have you anytime jump on stage as special guest at any future show!!!

01 February 2015 - Double Treat back in the studio!

We are excited to announce that "Double Treat" are back in the studio, only this time to rehearse and present their music to all fans, live!

Apart from Chris Kissadjekian on bass and Sotiris Lagonikas on drums, the incredible lineup includes Makis Tselentis on keyboards, Yiannis Nigdelis on guitar, Thodoris Gourlomatis and Victor Anastasopoulos on lead vocals.

The band is currently working on songs from "Double Treat"'s recent debut album ("Wander-Thirst") as well as selected songs from the discography of What's The Buzz? and SL Theory. 

Chemistry between all members is amazing and we are more than certain this will be evident to all fans who will be attending our live gigs, so stay tuned for updates!

20 January 2015 - NEW RELEASE

The 2nd album of Sotiris' project SL Theory comes out today, under the title "Different Space Different Time". It contains 9 new songs plus 2 previously unreleased songs from the What's The Buzz? era. For more info, please visit www.sotirislagonikas.com and stay tuned for great news from the Double Treat camp soon!!!

22 December 2013 - New DOUBLE TREAT song online!

X-mas is here and Double Treat have a special gift for all their fans. A brand new song, titled "Standing Alone"! Although they didn't hold to their promise for a release party during 2013 (mainly due to Chris Kissadjekian's other obligations), Double Treat would like to make it up for all the people that are showing their interest in the band through messages and mails.

The new song is a simple composition that Chris had in mind for almost 15 years now, written back then only with an acoustic guitar. This simple song was transformed in the capable hands of Sotiris Lagonikas into a small epic prog rock/metal masterpiece. Chris is playing the bass, while Sotiris plays all other instruments, orchestrates and produces the final result!

As for lyrics, you only have to look for a beautiful poem that was heard in one of the episodes of "Kung Fu" tv series back in the 70's, starring David Caradine

Double Treat are wishing to everyone out there happy holidays and of course a happy listening.

Oh...and listen LOUD!

30 May 2013

Chris Kissadjekian will be the guest of Metal Hammer Radio Show Sto Kokkino 105,5 on 03 June 2013. This interview comes as a sidekick to this month's appearance of Double Treat in Metal Hammer magazine! Stay tuned!

24 May 2013
Double Treat talk to Trollradio.gr's "Retrinno" radio show (Rocking.gr) about the past, present and future of the duet.
22 May 2013
Chris Kissadjekian and Sotiris Lagonikas are talkin' about "Wander Thirst" and all things music, as guests of Rockharadio.com's "Rock Ages" radio show.
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